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Skellig is a complicated, proprietary composed Solid Perfume, intended to be a unisex cologne or perfume with notes of Moss, Earthy, and Floral essential oils.

Size: Solid Perfume- 0.015 lbs – 0.25 oz

Skellig is an organic solid perfume, based on our original Perfume Oil, offered at a more affordable price and without the crystal adornment. It comes in a great little travel-sized tin.

With hints of ylang-ylang, oakmoss, and coffee; you can almost see the old monastic monks out there on the horizon. Balanced masculine and feminine energies make this a nice unisex perfume.

-Purifying and grounding
-Cooling Ayurvedic properties
-Kindles the root chakra and vital energy.

This beautifully crafted essential oil blend mingles with your personal chemistry when applied to your skin, so it will always be a little different on how it wears with each person.


Natural beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic golden jojoba oil, therapeutic grade essential oils, and essential absolute (hexane free).


Rub onto pulse points, behind the ears, on the chest, or anywhere else you want to smell amazing


Not recommended for pregnant women due to essential oils selected.

**Although there are minimal amounts of essential oils in our products, some of our essential oils are generally not suggested for pregnant women. Some should specifically be avoided. Please use with caution at your own discretion.

**sustainable, eco-conscious

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