Snake Ritual Duo for Renewed Energy & Major Transformation

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Snake - Animal Spirit Body & Ritual Oil and Snake Animal Spirit Aroma & Ritual Mist channels the transformative energy of our slithery friends. I’ve wanted to create a snake line for a long time but was having trouble finding the inspiration. Then I found myself needing to do some deep spiritual work and to see some major change happen in my life. It was during that difficult time that I realized I needed to channel snake energy and the inspiration came through as clear as glass. 

Snake needed to facilitate deep transformation, self-awareness, and setting boundaries; everything I needed in my life. If you’re looking to see a major change, give yourself a makeover, or just to get to know yourself better, then snake oil and its corresponding mist are for you. These products will help you to transcend wounds, traumas, and self-destructive habits. At the same time, Snake oil and mist will help you to discover your true self underneath that old skin so that you can awaken as the beautiful light you are meant to be. 

The Life Force Duo - Snake Ritual Duo for Renewed Energy & Major Transformation is the perfect ritual for staying grounding through major life shifts and self-initiated change. Use the body & ritual as your traditional moisturizer but also add it to a warm bath, ritual candles, and a few drops to ritual tools such as crystals when you are seeking to know yourself in the most fundamental and authentic ways. Use the mist to show you what needs to be changed to transcend old falsehoods and step into your truth. Then continue to spray your mist until you feel completely confident in who you are and what you’re here to do. This set is easy to carry so you can take it with you during the day and vacation too.

Each bottle of mist is infused with red jasper chips, and both scents are uplifting and dusted with a bit of spice. Use these beauties daily in meditation, charging your space, and for setting intentions.  

set contains:

- (1) 2oz Snake Animal Spirit Aroma & Ritual Mist

- (1) 2oz Snake - Animal Spirit Body & Ritual Oil

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