Rose of Jericho Resurrection Plant

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These plants are proof miracles exist. Rose of Jericho can completely dry out and WILL NOT die! Simply add it to a shallow bowl of water and watch this amazing plant come back to life, right before your eyes. It simply isn’t possible to kill this plant, no matter how long it's been last watering it. 

Rose of Jericho actually curls itself back up and flies across the desert like a tumbleweed until it finds a water source. Its roots then drink up the water and when the water is all gone, it rolls itself back about and continues on its journey. It doesn’t need soil or to secure its roots to grow. 

Spiritually, Rose of Jericho offers the same benefits. Its energy helps to resurrect a dying relationship, slow business, poor finances, lack of motivation, and more. Simply set your intention before placing the Rose of Jericho in water and place it on your altar as you work spells to bring abundance and increase to your life. You can also burn it as incense, though why anyone would want to is beyond me! 

Note: Price is for one (1) plant. 

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