Roque: Activated Charcoal and Chamomile Grooming Soap

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Roque is a silky black bar soap named for the darkest place on Earth, Roque de los Muchachos. Featuring super-cleansing activated charcoal and soothing chamomile extract, this versatile bar does the work of multiple bathroom staple products. Use it to wash your face, your hair, and the rest of your bod', or even as a shaving cream lather! 

The activated charcoal works wonders for combating odors, stripping away oils, and giving a deep clean. Whether on your skin or hair, be sure to moisturize after use!

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Palm Oil*, Glycerin of Vegetable Origin, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Chamomile Extract, Activated Charcoal, Kaolin Clay, Sodium Oleate, Soy Bean Protein, Sorbitol (plant derived)
*(certified by Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil)

4 oz (113g)

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