Portal - Florida Water and Room Spray

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A local favorite, this is our Portal Florida Water and Road Opener Room Spray made to help bring in prosperity, and keep blockages out and positive energy flowing in. Made from a special combination of 'abre camino', trace amounts of mayapple (american) mandrake root, rose, bay, myrtle, as well as the Rose of Jericho and other plants as well as a  proprietary blend of essential oils. It is made with the base or our Floor Wash with some extra goodies inside for that special magick we are known for.

Mayapple is poisonous, so never ingest this product or spray it on the skin or near your eyes. 

The base for this was made during the full moon, known to push through one's personal limitations. 


For ritual cleaning purposes only. This contains what is known as a 'florida water' which is a curio item that is not intended to replace, heal, or cure any medical condition. 

Do not consume. Intended to spray in a room and to refresh the scent in the air. Keep away from eyes. Contains TOXIC Mayapple in minute amounts.

Size: 2 oz

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