Obscura Luna Body & Ritual Oil

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Power | Intention | Creativity | Dark Moon Energy

The moon is beautiful in all her phases and the dark moon is no exception. This phase represents pure, unlimited power and the ability to create all of your desires. This moon speaks to my heart as a Scorpio. Pluto -- one of Scorpio’s ruling planets -- also represents this raw type of energy but in more of a destructive way. 

Where pluto is more about power for power’s sake, the dark moon is about tapping into power to bring your intentions into the world. It’s an excellent energy to work with if you are an artist or innovator or anytime you’re seeking to start something new. 

This is the perfect body and ritual oil when you are juiced up with new ideas and ready to turn them into reality. 

Best times to work with Obscura Luna:

  • During any new moon but especially a new moon in Aries or Scorpio. 
  • When starting a new project or goal. 
  • While doing any creative art. 
  • Spells for empowerment. 
  • Setting intentions or doing manifestation work. 
  • Can also be used in shadow work practice though better suited for rising after shadow work.
  • For seeking new ideas and creative solutions. 

Scent Profile:

Rich and sexy. Bergamot is IMO the most pleasant of all the citrus oils. This fragrance has a sweet citrus scent dancing with warm vanilla and pops of fresh Peru Balsam. It’s like smelling night blooming jasmine in a midnight forest. 

Ingredient Vibrations

Bergamot - This heavenly citrus promotes success and successful manifestation. It clears negativity and obstacles, making it ideal to use while starting new projects. 

Benzoin - One of the most underrated and yet, most powerful essential oils one can use in magic. It increases a spell’s chances of success and attracts intentions but especially those having to do with money, success, and material comforts. 

Neroli - Commonly associated with the dark moon, neroli or orange blossom as it is sometimes called, encourages creativity and confidence.  

Ingredients: Brassica campestris, Brassica napus (rapeseed oil), Olea Europaea (olive) oil, Ghritkumari Oil (Aloe vera extract, soybean oil), natural fragrance blend (with essentials oils & extracts of bergamot, neroli, Peru balsam, vanilla, benzoin, & tonka bean), ethically sourced mica.

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