Norse rune symbol branch rings

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We have inherited our knowledge of the magical and divinatory powers of Runes from Norse mythology.
The name Rune derives from a root run- (Gothic runa), meaning: secret, whisper.
The Rune symbols are letters from the runic alphabets used to write Germanic and Scandinavian languages long before the adoption of the Latin alphabet 
Historically, the Runic script developed from Old Italic alphabets of antiquity, such as Raetic, Etruscan and Old Latin.

ᛉ ALGIZ: Sanctuary, Divine Protection (thumb)
ᛝ INGUZ: True Love, Harmony, Fertility (index)
ᛗ MANNAZ: Spirit of Humanity, Man, Divine Union (middle)
ᚲ KENAZ: Fire, Knowledge, Enlightened Mind (upper finger, middle)
ᛨ TEIWAZ: Victory, Warrior, Triumphant (ring finger)
ᛟ OTHALA: Heritage, Ancestral Home (pinky)

Surface Width: 16mm,13mm,10mm,14mm | 0.63, 0.51, 0.39, 0.55 inch.
Metals Type: Zinc Alloy.

Available in size 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

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