Meditation Soy Candle

Meditation Soy Candle
infused with Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, and Kyanite

Calmly, Peacefully, and Silently listening to hear Insight, Enlightenment, and Empowerment from the Divine. This is Meditation. Meditation allows our minds to relax. Meditation can calm the Body-Mind and Spirit which helps us connect more deeply. These Candles will enhance the experience by grounding and calming you during Meditation. 

Soy Wax is infused with Essential Oils of Cedarwood (focus, illumination), Sandalwood (healing), Patchouli (grounding, peace), Frankincense (Spiritual Connect), Myrrh (Brings Focus, reduces stress) and Lotus (High Spiritual Vibration, Contemplation, Centering, Breathing). The tops of the candles are adorned with Lavender (calming), Chamomile (Centering, Peace), Angelica (Promotes Meditative State), Frankincense Tear (Elevates the Mind, Centers, Purifies, Connects to Spirit), Sage (Purifies), Gotu Kola (Promotes Mental Calm, Clarity, Improves Mediation States), and Palo Santo Wood (Purifies, Raises Spiritual Vibration for Meditation and allows for a deeper connection to source, assists on Spiritual Journeys, Deepens Meditative State). Clear Quartz (Healing, Raises Vibration, Focus, Clarity), Amethyst (Calms the Mind, Deepens Thoughts, Focus, Promotes Love, Gives Insight), Smoky Quartz (Grounding, Raises Vibration during Meditation, Calming), and Kyanite (Manifests Spiritual Energy, Clears Chakras, Heals, Attunes, Clarity). 

The Meditation Soy Candles were crafted during a Waxing Moon on a Sunday, the day for Spiritual Connection and Transformation. Waxing Moon Energy brings what you desire towards you. The Candles were blessed with the Powerful Mantra: "Om Aim Bum Budhaya Namah" and then bathed in the Moon’s Energy.

Size: One 6 oz. soy candle in footed tin with lid.

Legal Disclaimer-
I must remind my customers that all items are sold as curios only and in no way do I guarantee successful outcomes. I do not claim to treat or cure any illness or condition. Nor do I offer my goods as a substitute for proper legal or financial advice. I sell tools for magick and positivity only, not the outcome. You must add your own intent and energy. Working these items are up to you!

Caution: Do not leave unattended while burning. Place on a fireproof surface.

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