Lunam Lust Perfume Roll On

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This is my passion and seduction perfume oil magickally infused with love drawing, passion, and seduction intentions. For extra strength, I also added 3 programmed crystal quartz chip, orris root, dried rosebuds and dried chamomile flowers to the blend.

The scent is floral with citrus notes. It is a lighter scent and is not overly dominant, but it does alter your aura for love drawing. Its base note is the alluring aroma of jasmine flowers accompanied by the refreshing fragrances of sweet orange and other citrus notes. This is made with pure essential oils.

Jasmine is a love drawing flower that increases passion and sexuality when worn. Its beautiful fragrance attracts the spiritual meaningful passionate love rather than purely physical. It is also symbolic of the moon and the mysteries of the night.

Sweet orange attracts men and increases love, lust, and passion.

The orris root has been long known to bring love as well as rosebuds and chamomile, and it gets its gorgeous red hue by dragon's blood resin, also often used in love spells. Everything in this blend is made for love drawing and passion!

Use at pulse points for best results.

I've been getting amazing feedback from my customers saying they were surprised the reactions they got from their love interest. For those in a relationship, it will definitely turn up the heat, and for those looking for love, it definitely raises your sex appeal! Even if you are not looking for love, it's pretty nice to experience men turn into gentlemen around you and to get double-takes while wearing. One client says I should name this blend "Baby Making"because the effect it has on her husband!

Size: 1/3 ounce roll-on intention oil.
The scent lasts about 1.5 hours since citrus fades a little quicker than some heavier scents, but it is a convenient size to carry in your purse to reapply throughout the day.

Price is for one perfume oil

Elder-infused Sweet Almond oil base.

For legal purposes, sold as a curio. Results are not guaranteed.

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