Live By The Sun Surrounding Mist

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All Natural, Organic, Vegan Mood Mist, Room Enhancer, Body Mist, Yoga Mat Spray.

Size: 1 Fl. Oz each

Live By The Sun- Organic Rose Water, Lemon, Sweet Orange, Grapefruit & Bergamot.

Use Live By The Sun by day to enhance a lively, uplifting mood and promote a well balanced and productive day. Great to use before doing yoga or a workout or in the morning to jump start your day, just spray onto yoga mat, mist onto body, or in one of your living room.

Rose Water: Enriches all types of skin with vitamins and minerals that promote balance and rejuvenate skin.

Lemon: Rich in vitamins B6, C, A, E & zinc, relieves respitory problems, enhances mood.

Orange: Rich in vitamins C, A & B1, reduces stress.

Grapefruit: Rich in vitamins, reduces fatigue, helps you to feel happy.

Bergamot: Helps anxiety and depression.

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