Harmony Crystal Mist - Rose Quartz Infused Aroma Mist

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The Crystal Collection is a tribute to the humble beginnings of my spiritual roots. It takes me back to a time before the big crystal boom when I worked at one of the very first online crystals stores and discovered the hundreds of shapes and shades found in the crystal kingdom. This collection is my return home to crystal energy. A reminder that crystals always have something to teach me. Enjoy!

Harmony rose quartz mist is one of those must have tools in your spiritual arsenal. Rose quartz is one of the first gems you learn about when working with crystals. We all seem to be drawn to it one way or another. Maybe because the world could use more love and harmony. I keep rose quartz with me when I need to work through difficult times or when seeking supporting. I can’t tell you how many bad days rose quartz has gotten me through.

Harmony is a soothing blend of floral botanical oils chosen for their energetic connection to peace, happiness, strength, and gaining control in life.

Ingredient Vibrations

Rose Quartz - The ultimate crystal of love and nurturing. It inspires love of all kinds: paternal love, romantic love, friendship and service to others. It creates trust and harmony in relationships and legend says, the universe will forever be in your debt when you gift a rose quartz crystal to another.

Egyptian Rose Geranium - a rosy, somewhat minty scent that is essential for spiritual work involving peace and security. It is associated with love, beauty, healing from (especially healing from sexual trauma) and overcoming sorrow.

Rose - There are few things rose oil can’t do. It’s often associated with love but is a terrific choice for finding strength and peace through trying situations. It can be used to call blessings into your life as well as releasing emotional stress.

How to Use: mist onto linens, clothing, or into body and hair for a light fragrance. Use before and after meditation and rituals for clearing and to invite harmony into your space and aura. This mist is most potent during + after trauma but can be used anytime to clear feelings of despair and sadness.

Size: 2 oz | 60 mL bottle.

Full ingredient list: Purified Water, witch hazel, essential oil blend (rosewood, rose, Egyptian rose geranium), rose quartz chips.

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