Full Moon bath crystals

Full moons are a wonderful time for self-care, reflection and emotional release. What better way to embrace these energies than with a warm, soothing soak? We crafted these special bath crystals to be used anytime you need a boost of self-love and positive affirmation and they're amazing to use during the full moon period because of the loving and accepting energy of rose petals, sandalwood oil and rose quartz crystals.

Directions: Take a spoonful and add it to your warm bath and enjoy the soothing, peaceful energies while focusing your intentions on letting go of negativity and drawing in love, acceptance and emotional healing. 

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Pacific Solar Sea Salt, European Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan salt, Rose absolute oil, Sandalwood oil*, Rosa spp. (rose petals)*, rose quartz crystals, love & intention (*organic)

Size: This product is packaged in a 4oz glass jar and comes with 2 tumbled rose quartz crystals. 

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