Creative Muse Soy Candle

Creative Muse Soy Candle
Infused with Hematite, Green Aventurine, and Citrine

Created on a Waxing Moon to bring creative thoughts and inspiration to
you. Soy wax is mixed with the Essential Oils of Lemon, Grapefruit, and
Neroli. All have properties to energize, inspire, and bring forth creative
thoughts. The candles are adorned with Angelica (enhances creativity
and inspires) Myrtle (stirs creativity) Lavender (adds enchantment and
inspiration) Green Aventurine (Releases blocked creative ow. Activates
the imagination. Brings prosperity. Aventurine attracts wealth and
abundance through opportunity.) Citrine (It Is Like Carrying The Power
Of The Sun! Warming and Energizing. Cleanses and Regenerates. Stone
of Abundance. Attracts Wealth, Success, and Prosperity. Very Happy
Stone. Raises Self-Esteem and Brings Joy!) Hematite (Harmonizes Mind,
Body, And Spirit. Dissolves Negativity. Restores Peace and Harmony.
Boosts Self Esteem. Strengthens. Removes self-limitations. Aids
expansion. Stimulates concentration and focus. Inspires creative

The Candles were blessed with the mantra : OM AIM SARASWATYAI
NAMAH: It honors the Diety Saraswati. She is responsible for bestowing
wisdom and knowledge, she is often worshipped by people in creative
arts. It is believed she is involved with the creation of new ideas and
things. Bathed in Moon Energy!

Size: One 6 oz. soy candle in footed tin with lid.

Legal Disclaimer-
I must remind my customers that all items are sold as curios only and in no way do I guarantee successful outcomes. I do not claim to treat or cure any illness or condition. Nor do I offer my goods as a substitute for proper legal or financial advice. I sell tools for magick and positivity only, not the outcome. You must add your own intent and energy. Working these items are up to you!

Caution: Do not leave unattended while burning. Place on a fireproof surface.

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