Black Velvet Nasturtium Tarot Seed Packet

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Embrace the courage and determination of the Black Velvet Nasturtium, and the Five of Pentacles. Locate the power to conquer life's troubles by admiring this plant's unmatched beauty.

Tropaeolum Minus

Envelopes contain 10 seeds

Boasting hues of dark red and ruby-black, the Black Velvet Nasturtium's blaze of edible flowers is the ideal garnish for salads and cheese plates, as well as a captivating sight when planted in gardens and planters. Not only are these blooms eye-catching, but they also prove resistant to deer and rabbits while drawing in bees.

Space seeds 8-12 inches apart after the last frost date, when soil temperature is ideally 55°-65°F for best germination.

Due to increasingly stringent laws surrounding the import of seeds in particular to the EU countries, we are unable to ship seed orders outside USA and Canada.

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