Amber (All Natural): Intentional Essential Oil Blend - For Diffusers, Anointing, & Spellwork

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Amber is one of our most asked for scents, a natural-based, amber-heavy, essential oil blend.

This essential oil blend is based on our customer favorite, with heavy notes of amber, vetiver, and frankincense. Intended to be used in a diffuser, but can also be added to carrier oil.

This oil aligns with the Sun, the element of fire. It is used to: increase psychic power, transmutes negative energy, love, comfort, happiness and healing, protection from harm and psychic attacks

Directions: Use 3-5 drops in an essential oil diffusor, or 10 drops per 1/2 oz of carrier oil.


Contains a proprietary blend of essential oils. Contains no carrier oil. 

Size: 5 ml dropper bottle w/ tamper-evident lid.

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