7 Points Clear Quartz Generator

Crystal Energy Generators are superior for energy magnification, generation, and focus. They are used extensively in crystal grids, ritual magick, and to promote an energized environment. They are said to remove negative energy of all kinds, as well as stimulate and cleanse the chakras.

Generators do exactly what their name implies they generate and project energy. These are first rate group meditation tools when seated in the center of a meditation circle. Generators are also outstanding at re-energizing or recharging other crystals and stones. These crystals are often favorites of those involved in alternative healing procedures, generating and directing energy in extremely precise regular pulses and patterns, especially when programmed for specific functions.

Some Generators have been known to generate enough energy to crack and shatter other crystals in their near vicinity, so be careful where you place them and how you use them. But If you have any doubts that all this crystal energy stuff really works, experiment with your Generator. Just be prepared for what you experience and remember that it is not nice to point. 

Crystal Quartz - Is the power stone for clarity, strength, and balance. A favored stone of seers and healers throughout the ages.

~ This Generator has 7 clear crystal quartz points attached to a Pyramid in the center. 

Size: 3.5 to 4 inches approximately.
Metal: Indian silver
Crystals quality: AAA quality (superior coloring.)

Size and color of stone will vary.
Handmade in India.

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