5 elements engraved black agate pyramid

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Crystals and stones have been used in the arts of alchemy and magick for ages.
This beautiful amethyst pyramid with 5 elements is a great addition to any Wiccan altar or crystals collection.

Agate gemstone should be placed in any space that you want to encourage abundance and fullness in. Agate has the power to harmonize yin and yang, the positive and negative forces that hold the universe in place. It works slowly but brings great strength. 

  • Fire - Passion, Courage, Lust, Creativity, Fertility, Virility, Desire, Romance, Force, Enthusiasm, Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra.
  • Air - Thought, Reason, Intellect, Knowledge, Freedom, Memory, Awareness, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra.
  • Earth - Stability, Strength, Comfort, Grounding, Harvest, Animals, Root Chakra.
  • Water - Emotions, Intuition, Divination, Healing, Dreams, Ocean, Rivers, Lakes, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra.
  • Spirit / Pentagram - Transcendence, Transformation, Unification, Power, Time, The Void, Crown Chakra.

Size: 1 x 1 inches (pyramid bottom)
Crystals quality: AAA quality (superior coloring)

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