Summer Beauty Collection

Head Tonic

An endlessly effective remedy for headaches, sinus pressure, chest congestion, VOG {volcanic emission} symptoms and general aches & pains. This blend utilizes three potent essential oils that together open the vessels, allowing for better blood circulation & reducing pressure and congestion, increase your pain threshold at the receptor level, cool the skin on contact & provide calming relaxation through their aromatically therapeutic properties. 

Simply shake & roll on to temples, forehead, sinuses or chest to feel relief of pressure, pain & congestion.

Crafted in Mānoa | O'ahu | Hawai'i with love + plants:
Hawaiian water
Rosemary Essential Oil {Rosmarinus officinalis}
Lavender Essential Oil {Lavandula angustifolia}
Peppermint Essential Oil {Mentha piperita}

Size: Available in a 1/3 oz glass roller.

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