Love By The Moon Surrounding Mist

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Love By The Moon-Organic Rose Water, Patchouli, Jasmine, Vanilla & Lavender.

Use Love By The Moon by night to promote balance, rest and sleep. Great to use in the evening to wind down or before bed, just lightly spray onto bed and pillow before bed, mist onto body, or in your bedroom.

Lavender: Induces sleep, calms the nervous system, treats insomnia, provides relief for joint and muscle pain.

Patchouli: Reduces body temperature, soothes inflammation, regenerates new skin cells, earthy, grounding.

Jasmine: Gives calming effect, aphrodisiac, soothes the spirit.

Vanilla: Rich in vitamins, increases mental performance, promotes restful sleep & good dreams.

Size: 1 fluid oz.

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