Love Spellwork Herb Blend

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This blend contains raspberry leaves, rose, hibiscus, rose hips, and jasmine; all chosen for their connections to love, passion, harmony, resilience, confidence, sex magick, clarity, healing, moon work, and/or peace. Crafted with certified organic herbs, it is suitable for dressing candles, spell bottles, loose incense, offerings, baths, or whatever use you deem fit for your practice.

Rose Petals - love, power, confidence, peace, clarity.
Raspberry Leaf - healing, harmony, clarity, moon work.
Hibiscus - love, passion, harmony, independence, balance.
Jasmine - love, seduction, protection, moon work, dream work.
Rosehips - wisdom, protection, healing, resilience.

The reusable glass jar is 2.75" x 1.75" | 7 x 4.4 cm.

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