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Shield of Protection Body Oil

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This oil can be used in a variety of different ways. It is an upgraded and enhanced divinely guided protection recipe to protect against the new waves of heavy energy. 

This oil is a bit drying because of the Dragon’s Blood resin. So add a few drops to a lotion or other body oil such as our Empath Protection Body Oil. Apply to the body especially the back of the neck, chest, third eye, and crown chakra.  Rub some of the oil in your hands and make a sweeping motion over the body. Apply it specifically to any spots you are drawn to do so. 

You can also use this oil on ritual candles, a few drops in a bath, and more.

Made in ritual and infused with magick, intention, and reiki energy. 

Scent profile: very lightly scented with Frankinscense and Myrrh

Coconut Oil

Size: 2 oz

Discontinue body use if irritation occurs

For legal purposes, results are not guaranteed.

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